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Severance Agreements in New Jersey

According to the laws of New Jersey, it is not mandatory for the employer to develop a severance pay policy for their employees. However, employees with individual contracts or group contracts, or perhaps in accordance with company policy, may receive severance benefits if they have been laid off, fired, or terminated following downsizing endeavors. These employees are then entitled to receive severance payments according to their employment contracts or the company’s policy as applicable.

Severance Agreements Attorney in NJ

In the event that you are facing severance under any of the above circumstances, you can get an experienced New Jersey lawyer in severance negotiations to try and secure a larger amount of money and/or additional benefits like extended medical insurance, other forms of insurance, a good job reference to help you find alternate employment faster, or outplacement services.

If you are facing NJ severance, call The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman, we may be able to help you with the following:

  • Obtaining an agreeable severance offer if your contract or policy does not provide for one
  • Evaluating the severance package offering to see if it can be improved
  • Representing you at the negotiating table with your employer to try and get you a better package
Severance Agreement New Jersey

Severance Review and Negotiation

Even when your employer’s policies do not provide for a clear severance agreement, we can still help you negotiate a severance package. We can also help you modify terms or improve on provided terms to give you a better start towards your future.

At The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman, we can help you protect your rights and identify any unfair, unreasonable and unenforceable terms in your severance agreement, and get the employer to modify and improve them on your behalf.

Severance Arbitration and Mediation

Litigating disputes that arise in employment law can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor for both parties. However, arbitration and mediation provide employees who are facing different forms of disputes at work another channel of resolution, one which allows them to save valuable time and money.

If you are thinking about arbitration or mediation for your employer’s severance arrangement in New Jersey, our attorneys may be able to assist you. Whether you wish to represent yourself as an individual or a group following a mass termination by your employer, we can help negotiate your case effectively.

Severance Agreements Attorney NJ

Severance Arbitration in NJ

Severance arbitration also applies to employees who have been forced to settle employer- employee disputes in arbitration as part of their employment terms. In this case, a private arbitrator is appointed to act as a judge or jury in a court of law. The decision of the arbitrator upon hearing the case is binding on both parties. The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman can help you in bringing your case before the arbitrator.

Severance Mediation in NJ

Mediation is slightly different from arbitration in that the neutral mediator facilitates discussion between the employer and employee and their legal representatives. The aim is to reach a mutually agreeable decision, but the final decision still lies in the hands of the ones at the negotiating table. Mediation is advantageous in that it can help an employee receive benefits that a court cannot force the employer to give, such as good job references.

If you are in need of New Jersey severance negotiation, arbitration or mediation services, contact our law firm today. We can set up your initial consultation for the case evaluation.

Severance Review and Negotiation