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Noise Disturbance in NJ

A noise disturbance is when someone disturbs the peace through loud noises that can be caused by music, heavy equipment or machinery. To be considered a violation, this NJ noise disturbance has to start around 9-10 p.m. (this time may vary by municipality). The state of New Jersey considers this a disorderly conduct that is subject to heavy fines and in some rare cases, jail time.

Noise disturbance can be caused by several factors related to the citizens themselves, as well as commercial or industrial factors located near residential areas. This includes loud music, unruly pets, power tools, explosives, fireworks, and motorcycles or motor vehicles with loud engines. People can also be excessively noisy through shouting that can be loud enough to disturb the peace in the neighborhood.

Overexposure to excessive noise can have debilitating effects on someone’s physical and mental state. It can cause sleeplessness, stress, loss of hearing, high blood pressure, etc.

Noise Disturbance Laws in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey requires its towns’ noise ordinances are approved by the state and as such, many of its cities and towns have approved and enforced these ordinances. A noise ordinance law is put in place to regulate the level of noise, its source, and duration affecting residents of a particular town or city. This law defines the level of noise that is acceptable day and night to ensure that its residents are comfortable. This ordinance mostly comes into effect during the night when residents are sleeping and need their peace the most.

Each noise ordinance in New Jersey is handled differently depending on the community, with punishments being stated clearly for offenders. Since some people have a poor tolerance to noise pollution, and disturbing their peace in any way can land you in trouble without you realizing you have committed an offense. This is why it is important to be aware of the noise ordinance affecting your area of residence.

New Jersey Noise Disturbance

Noise Disturbance Ticket in NJ

Most people are able to talk to their neighbors in the event they violate their peace to try and resolve the matter quietly. However, this is not always the case as others call the police to deal with the matter, especially if talking to the neighbor doesn’t solve the issue. The police have the discretion of dismissing the complaint with a warning to the person causing the noise. They can also issue a noise disturbance ticket if the noise persists further, thus leading to a fine.

New Jersey Noise Disturbance Lawyer

If you are looking to fight a noise violation ticket, you will need to hire a lawyer to handle the job for you. Landlords undertaking construction work on their buildings, construction contractors, manufacturing industries and other commercial sectors that use heavy machinery and equipment might find themselves in court for noise disturbances in NJ more frequently than residents.

Such entities should consult with our law firm for a noise disturbance lawyer before proceeding further, as we can guide them through the legal process. We have been serving the New Jersey area faithfully and skillfully for over two decades, meaning we have the experience to defend you accordingly.

NJ Noise Disturbance