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Municipal Court in New Jersey

New Jersey municipal court is where misdemeanor cases, civil violations that include municipal and traffic ordinances, and other petty offenses are settled. It is the job of these courts to set the fines not established by the city code of ordinances.

Aside from these, the court is also responsible for providing related official records of fines, fees, case transactions, court costs, and restitutions. The jurisdiction of these courts is limited to a particular municipality or county.

Many people find themselves in such courts after being issued a violation, primarily related to traffic. The mistake many make is pleading guilty after representing themselves, as they see no need for legal counsel for a seemingly trivial offense.

The problem with that is you rarely understand the far-reaching consequences of a guilty plea. Even something as seemingly simple as a speeding ticket should not be taken lightly.  Points to your license or bad marks on your driving record can affect your car insurance and future employment prospects. Seek the assistance of an experienced attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you keep  driving privileges.

Municipal Court New Jersey

Municipal Court Lawyer in New Jersey

For legal representation in cases related to the municipal court, The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman is here for you. With years fo experience, we fight to protect your interests.

It is our duty to work tirelessly for you to get the minimum penalty through negotiations, if we can’t get the case dismissed altogether. If you are worried about any charges against you related to traffic violations, including paying for a traffic ticket, please call us.

NJ Municipal Court Traffic Tickets

In New Jersey, having your driver’s license suspended is as simple as receiving more points to your license than is allowed. Resolving your traffic ticket in the municipal court doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you are in the clear. The number of points you have accumulated or the nature of your offense can, for instance, lead to further consequences. In addition to your fine, a yearly surcharge from the DVM may be imposed.

Municipal Court Lawyers in New Jersey

New Jersey Municipal Court Traffic Violations

Municipal court traffic violations in New Jersey are numerous with minimal fines and penalties while others have severe repercussions.

Common violations include driving an unregistered vehicle, using a license that has expired, or violating the terms of the license. Visitors to the state of New Jersey should also make sure that they have a valid license from their home state and their vehicles are properly registered to avoid these issues when while in the garden state.

DWI, or driving while intoxicated, is another serious offense. A  .08 percent blood alcohol content (BAC) is the legal limit; being found over this amount will have you facing steep consequences.

NJ Municipal Court Traffic Tickets