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About Mercer County

Mercer County is among the fastest growing counties in New Jersey. It has its county seat in Trenton. The U.S. Census Bureau considers it part of New York’s metropolis; however, Mercer borders Philadelphia’s metropolitan area as well. In 2014, the county’s population was estimated to be 371,537, which is a 1.4 percent population growth compared to the 2010 census.

Mercer is one of the counties with the highest income in the United States. In 2009, it was ranked as the 78th county in terms of the per capita income from all of the 3,113 counties countrywide. This is in addition to being the sixth-highest in New Jersey.

The main performing industries in the county include food processing, education, manufacturing, healthcare, transport and professional services. Many of the county’s businesses continue to grow and are employing qualified personnel. What makes this county great for business and for residing is its ideal location, sense of community, transport network, workforce and good quality of life.

Mercer County Law Enforcement

Mercer County runs on a County Executive model of governance. There is a selected board of seven freeholders that play a legislative role. The board is responsible for establishing policy and keeping the powers of the county’s executive in check. The board conducts other duties, such as approving all the county contracts and appointment of department heads by the county’s executive.

The Superior Court of Mercer County is found in Trenton. The county prosecutor’s and sheriff’s offices are responsible for law enforcement. Mercer County is part of the 16th, 15th, and 14th districts in New Jersey State’s legislature.

Mercer County New Jersey Attorneys

Racial Discrimination New Jersey

The New Jersey law is against discrimination based on someone’s race, ancestry, or national origin. Employers cannot deny an employee promotion or employment based on any of these forms of discrimination. An employee is not allowed to harass or differentially treat another worker based on race. We represent employees in Mercer County who have encountered wrongful termination based on racial discrimination and other discriminative practices in the place of work.

Representing Federal Employees in Mercer County New Jersey

Just like the non-federal employees, those working for the federal government do face the potential for wrongful and discriminative forms of termination. Nevertheless, representing federal employees requires a legal procedure that’s different from that of non-federal employees.

Often, the deadlines are non-forgiving and tight. We have handled these types of cases in the past with success, so do  not hesitate to call us for a free consultation if you are a federal employee and feel that you are being treated unfairly.

New Jersey Attorneys in Mercer County

As an employed person, you may come across discrimination in Mercer County that require legal representation. The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman is ready to provide the appropriate guidance to ensure you receive fair treatment and even compensation. We are familiar with the issues affecting the residents of Mercer County and will be glad to offer assistance in any matter that requires legal attention. Our is ready to help provide legal assistance.

Race/Ancestry Discrimination NJ