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Lewdness in NJ

Lewdness is defined as behavior that is considered unacceptable and morally suspect in a sexual manner. In New Jersey, a person exposing their genitals with the intention of getting sexual gratification or arousal from it or for the benefit of another person is considered a lewd act. Although most people can never imagine exposing themselves in public, these cases happen especially under the influence of alcohol. Others find themselves in trouble because they thought they were doing it privately only to find other non-consenting witnesses lend the case credibility.

New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer

Recruiting the help of an experience criminal defense attorney can make the difference in your case. Lewdness is considered a disorderly persons offense and exposes the defendant to several harsh penalties. Contact The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman if you or a loved one has been charged with lewdness in New Jersey.

Lewdness Law in New Jersey

Lewdness is considered a disorderly persons offense; under this law, the actor flagrantly performs offensive lewd acts knowingly and hopes to have a non-consenting observer who is going to be alarmed or affronted by this action. The charge can go up to a fourth-degree crime if the actor exposes their private parts to a child who is 13 years or younger while the actor is four years their senior. Similarly, if the person exposes himself or herself for his or her own sexual gratification to a person who is mentally unsound, and doesn’t understand or cannot defend themselves due to their illness, it is considered a fourth-degree crime.

Lewdness Charge NJ

Charged with Lewdness in NJ

Lewdness charges in NJ are serious and thus, come with devastating repercussions to the person accused of the crime. Consulting The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman gives you a better chance of fighting the charges by making sure the case is handled correctly. We will examine the facts and evidence presented against you to find any holes that can reduce the impact of your sentence.The severity of the charge is dependent on the person victimized as stated by the law.

Penalty for Lewdness

If convicted of this crime, the penalty for lewdness in New Jersey can require a fine of up to $1,000 or a sentence of up to six months in jail. Persons who have never been convicted of a crime might get a lighter sentence. People who use a motor vehicle to commit this offense can have their driver’s license suspended for up to two years. Public officers convicted of this crime might lose their jobs altogether. In addition to this, the defendant might have to pay other fines and fees including Safe Neighborhood Assessment and VCCB assessment.

If convicted, you record maybe expunged five years after the conviction only if the person’s criminal record remains clean. They should also not have surpassed three petty disorderly or disorderly offenses. This charge may seem insignificant but having a lewdness charge on your record, which is accessible by future employers and credit bureaus, can severely impact your life and livelihood. This is why you should consult an attorney to protect your rights.

New Jersey Lewdness