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New Jersey Illegal U-Turn

Have you been issued an illegal U-turn ticket in New Jersey and are wondering how to challenge it? We have the experience and knowledge needed to assist you with the case.

Illegal U-Turn Ticket in NJ

New Jersey laws prohibit drivers from making a U-turn at any section of a highway where there is a conspicuous “No U-turns” sign. You can also be charged with an improper u-turn if you turned the vehicle around to proceed in the opposite direction on a highway where you cannot clearly see 500 feet in front of and behind you.

Pleading guilty to an illegal U-turn ticket in New Jersey can result in a fine of $85, or $140 if you made the turn in a construction zone. Although the fine seems insignificant, do not be tempted to just pay it because it carries other implications. Pleading guilty (paying the ticket) to this offense earns you points on your driving record, 12 or more points accumulated will result in you losing your license. This is the reason you should reach out for help from The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman.

New Jersey Illegal U-Turn

New Jersey Illegal U-Turn Lawyer

If convicted of traffic violations your insurance company will add 3 points to your “insurance eligibility points” resulting in higher insurance premiums. If you receive 7 or more “insurance eligibility points” points, you will not be eligible to obtain automobile insurance on the voluntary market. Instead, you’ll have to pay more to get at-risk coverage through the New Jersey Personal Automobile Insurance Plan (NJPAIP).

If you are cited for committing an illegal U-turn offense in New Jersey, speak with The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman immediately. We will defend you in court to ensure that you don’t receive points on your driving record or get your license suspended. Working with an experienced law firm may also mean the difference between paying hefty insurance premiums and paying the bare minimum. For an illegal U-turn lawyer in New Jersey, contact us today!

U-Turn Offense