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Employment Law in New Jersey

Most people get excited and a little apprehensive when they start a new  job whether, it’s their first job after college or their third. However, not many job seekers know their rights according to employment laws in New Jersey. This can catch someone unaware in the event they receive unfair treatment, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation.

It is important to know your rights before starting the employment process so that you know what to expect. For instance, be aware of what is required from you, such as if you need to take a drug test or have a background check done before proceeding any further.

Employment Law Coverage

There are laws that govern every aspect of employment: from the interview to the hiring, the pay and other benefits, to the leave and the termination process. Many people are more concerned with how much PTO they will receive, their benefits, and bonuses and salaries more than anything else. However, the subject is broader than that and it is your duty to be vigilant in the workplace to avoid legal loopholes that can land you in trouble.

Employment Law in New Jersey

Wrongful Termination in New Jersey

Some of the circumstances that surround employment termination can be unlawful. For instance, if the termination comes in the wake of filing your compensation claim or whistleblowing on your employer’s illegal practices, it is termed wrongful. Also, an employer should not terminate your employment on discriminatory grounds due to your gender or race, as it violates constitutional rights.

Harassment and Retaliation

Harassment comes in many forms: from sexual harassment where your superior pressures you in a sexual nature or verbal through foul language and insults. Retaliation can be in the form of termination of employment, bullying, harassment, salary reductions, transfers, or demotions. This can be the result of whistleblowing on your employer’s illegal acts.  However, you should not suffer the consequences because you exercised your legal right against your employer.

Employment Law Coverage

Employment Agreement in New Jersey

Employment agreements are different for every workplace. If one party fails to meet the stated requirements, they can be in breach of contract, forcing legal action. Whether written or oral, they are enforceable and should be taken seriously. Some employers seek to exploit their employees through oppressive clauses like non-compete agreements, NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), mandatory arbitration agreements, and so forth.

Unemployment Compensation in New Jersey

Unemployment claims have been on the rise in New Jersey.  If your employer has unfairly withheld your unemployment compensation, contact our firm to expedite the process in getting your benefits. We have successfully represented many clients in handling their unemployment cases.

Termination Process

Employment Law Attorney in New Jersey

You might ask where an employment law attorney comes in, and our answer is before signing any paperwork related to your employment. Consulting an attorney will help you to understand the details of an employment contract and point out clauses that you may have assumed had no importance.  It is in your best interest not to waive your legal rights just because you didn’t understand the fine print or were overly excited about the compensation package. Instead, obtaining a lawyer to help direct you in such employment matters can be beneficial.

Our law firm has vast experience in employment law and can advise you accordingly before you add your signature on the dotted line. We will ensure you understand your rights and will help you renegotiate better terms that will serve you well into the future.

The laws surrounding the Employment Act are numerous and clearly defined in the state of New Jersey. Since legal jargon can sometimes be confusing to understand, feel free to consult with our attorney to simply the matter and help you to better understand your contract so that you can make an informed decision.

Wrongful Termination in New Jersey