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Harassment in New Jersey

In New Jersey, harassment is considered a petty disorderly offense and, in most cases, carries a jail term of 30 days with a fine of $500. Since the subject is quite abstract, such cases tend to be sensitive and of a personal nature. People accused of such offenses are often considered aggressive and overbearing. However, due to the nature of the laws surrounding these charges, it is easy for someone to be misjudged. A good example is a relationship that goes sour between two people; emotions boil over causing words to be exchanged which one party might find offensive. Since the law doesn’t specify precisely which words constitute harassment, relevance is given to the victim’s subjective sensitivities that can land the other party in trouble.

Types of Harassment in NJ

There are various types of harassment in NJ; some simple and some that are complex in nature because what is offensive to one person might not be the case to another. Sometimes, one can “harass” unintentionally or unknowingly, making this charge quite complicated. Sexual harassment is one of the most recognized forms, while racial harassment, stalking, and bullying are also common. People can also feel harassed due to their sexual orientation, disability, or age.

NJ Verbal/Physical Harassment

New Jersey law classifies harassment into various catagories. Verbal harassment is where communication involving foul language or a manner that causes alarm or annoyance. Physically harassing someone through offensive touching that includes striking, shoving, kicking, or making threats to do so. The law states that conducting activities that might be deemed extremely annoying or alarming to someone can also be classified as harassment.

This petty disorder charge can escalate to a fourth-degree crime if committed by someone on parole or probation for another offense. This is more serious and requires an astute lawyer to help you keep it from blowing out of proportion. This offense comes with a jail term of up to 18 months if found guilty.

Harassment in New Jersey

New Jersey Harassment at Work

State laws of New Jersey are clear when it comes to any form of harassment at work and therefore, it is the duty of the employer to create a work environment that isn’t hostile in any way. Harassment can come in various forms, like bullying, name calling, sexual actions or innuendos that recur or are done aggressively have the ability to  affect someone negatively.

Harassment that comes after whistleblowing on your employer’s illegal activities or after filing for workers compensation is illegal and should be reported immediately. Lawsuits related to these charges have severe penalties with heavy liabilities to the parties involved.

New Jersey Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment done by a supervisor in the workplace can make you feel liek your job is threatened if you don’t comply with the sexual advances. This charge is filed under the quid pro quo claim. The other type of sexual harassment charge in New Jersey is called hostile working environment claim, which is more common as it touches on a broader subject that involves severe sexual actions and comments that are pervasive in nature. If the harassment occurs frequently or repeatedly, there is enough to build a case.

Lawyer for Harassment Cases in NJ

Harassment charges brought against you can taint your record, affecting you in the long run, and we can’t tolerate that. Our law firm is experienced in such cases and we have realized that it is necessary to get all the facts surrounding such incidences to avoid any errors that are common.

Our job is to clarify the collected facts and present them as clearly as possible in court to avoid a harassment conviction on your record. We also identify whether the charge is viable or it is a petty grievance that can be dismissed because it lacks merit. Contact The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman to be connected with an attorney that has the experience in handling harassment cases in New Jersey.

NJ Verbal/Physical Harassment