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About Gloucester County

Gloucester County, located in the state of New Jersey, has been in existence since 1686 with the earliest settlers coming from Europe. Named for Gloucestershire, a county in England, it was not until 1694 when the county was formed officially with defined boundaries. It measures 337.18 square miles and is occupied by about 290,951 residents as of 2014. This population is made up of a racial markup that is comprised of Latinos, African Americans, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, and Caucasians, with the latter being the most populous in the region.

Formerly, the area relied heavily on agricultural for its economy, but the county has since outgrown this element to include other sectors. Businesses of various nature, both large and small, are thriving in here. The commercial, industrial, and manufacturing sectors have been growing due to innovative technology sustaining the economy and spurring its growth further. As such, the household and family income media was estimated between $54,273 and $62,482.

Its county seat, which is Woodbury, was founded in 1683 making this municipality the oldest in the county. This is where the Board of Chosen Freeholders governs, having been elected by the majority. To keep the county in order and enforce the law, the Board is aided by the Sheriff’s office, local police, and the prosecutor’s office. Municipal courts are found in every city, borough, and township to ensure that petty offenses are overseen and offenders penalized accordingly.

Gloucester County New Jersey Attorneys

New Jersey Criminal Mischief

Like every other county in the country, Gloucester experiences its fair share of petty offenses – criminal mischief included. This offense involves the destruction of property knowingly and is regarded as vandalism, trespassing, and property damage. People who cause damages to private and public property are committing a crime. The penalty for criminal mischief is dependent on the amount of destruction caused. It is measured in monetary terms, meaning more destruction attracts harsher penalties. Jail time is one consequence for this offense, which is why it is wise to consult a New Jersey lawyer to get the legal guidance you need on your case.

Disorderly Conduct in NJ

New Jersey disorderly conduct in Gloucester County encompasses some crimes including noise disturbances, lewdness, and public intoxication. Such offenses are detrimental when it comes to the peace of mind of the residents. Hence, the laws are put in place to protect them. Lewdness is a sexual offense, as it involves the exposure of genitals to a non-participant for the purpose of sexual gratification. This minor offense, if mishandled, can haunt a defendant for life if convicted. It can affect them in the event they wish to obtain work, rent premises, and so forth, as they are required to declare such incidents beforehand.

Public Intoxication Gloucester County

Public intoxication is not an offense by itself in the Gloucester County, as one is judged as per their actions when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This encompasses incidents that threaten one’s safety and the safety of others, like driving a motor vehicle, assaulting and robbing citizens, vandalizing their property, and so forth.

New Jersey Criminal Mischief

Noise Disturbances in Gloucester County

Noise disturbances in New Jersey are governed by ordinances that differ per each municipality and are put in place to protect the residents from excess noise. Warnings are issued to offenders where police are involved while tickets are issued where matters persist past the warnings.

Disorderly Conduct NJ

Disorderly conduct cases in Gloucester County are petty crimes and therefore handled by municipal courts, but it can never hurt to have a lawyer in your corner. You do not want your case to escalate further than the accusation warrants. Finding a lawyer in Gloucester County is easy; the problem is finding a shrewd attorney with the know-how of handling such cases.

Attorney in Gloucester County

The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman assists the citizens of Gloucester County in New Jersey. Our law firm encourages citizens to tap into our wealth of experience in the field, regardless of the accusations and charges brought against them. Feel free to consult us whenever you need legal clarification, as a small misstep can mean the difference between freedom and troubled times. If you are in need of an experienced attorney in Gloucester County, contact our law office today.

NJ Disorderly Conduct Gloucester County