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Failure to Yield Right-of-Way in NJ

Failure to yield may seem like a minor traffic violation, however, it can earn you a ticket in New Jersey. As with other traffic tickets, there are penalties associated with failure to yield offenses which depend on the circumstances in which the violation occurred.

A motorist is considered in violation of the law if they:

  • Fail to observe a stop sign
  • Fail to bring their vehicle to a complete stop when they are within five feet of a stop line or crosswalk
  • Fail to observe a yield sign when they enter an intersection by slowing down to a reasonable speed or stopping when necessary

Motorists are required to give way to vehicles in an intersection that are close enough to constitute a hazard. Motorists found guilty of this violation are charged fines ranging between $52 and $202 and also have two points added to their licenses.

Failure to Yield at Intersections in NJ

New Jersey law requires that:

  • Drivers approaching intersections give way to other vehicles that have already entered the same intersection.
  • Motorists on the left give way to the vehicle on the right if two vehicles have entered an intersection at the same time.
  • Drivers making left turns give way to vehicles approaching the intersection from the opposite direction.
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New Jersey Failure to Yield to a Pedestrian

Motorists are considered to be in violation of the law for failure to yield to a pedestrian when they:

  1. Fail to give way to pedestrians on a marked crosswalk
  2. Fail to give way to pedestrians on an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection
  3. Pass a vehicle that has stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross the road
  4. Fail to give way to pedestrians when the signal changes at a marked or unmarked crosswalk
  5. Drive through a designated safety zone unless they have been earlier directed by a law enforcement officer

Penalties for failure to yield to pedestrians in New Jersey include a fine of up to $52 and two points on your driver’s license.

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Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicles

Motorists are required to yield to emergency vehicles including police cars, ambulances, and fire engines when these vehicles have warning signals on, such as flashing red or blue lights or sirens.

A driver is considered guilty of the violation if he or she fails to give way to an authorized emergency vehicle when it is responding to an emergency call or in pursuit of a suspect. The emergency vehicle must have given an audible signal and have at least one red light that is visible from at least 500 feet for the charges to hold.

Penalties for this violation include fines of up to $202 and two points added to your license.

Charged with Failure to Yield in NJ

Are you facing a failure to yield charge in New Jersey? Although it may seem like a minor charge, it can have serious repercussions in the long run. Accumulating six points on your driver’s license can result in additional penalties and fines.

Contact The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman for representation if you have been cited for a moving violation such as failure to yield.

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