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NJ Driving Without Vehicle Registration

In New Jersey, every driver is required to have appropriate documents that show they are eligibility to drive. The law also requires that vehicles be legally operable on the roads by having appropriate registration and plates. This also enables vehicle tracking. Consequently, if you are pulled over and you do not have proper vehicle registration or plates, you risk charges that could include losing your driving privileges. Driving without registration in New Jersey is governed by statute 39:3-29 which addresses failure to produce registration, license, or insurance card. That is, you must provide a valid vehicle’s registration certificate, your driver’s license, and your insurance identification card when requested. Failure to do this is a violation that can result in fines or a date in court. This means you must always have your registration certificate, insurance identification card, and driver’s license at all times when operating a motor vehicle.

The traffic officer is required to determine your identity as well as the accuracy of the registration certificate presented while paying attention to the number plates and the registration number of the motor vehicle to which the documents belong. The accuracy of the insurance policy is also ascertained to prove that it is related to the motor vehicle that was issued.

Driving Without Registration New Jersey

How Much is a Driving Without Registration Ticket in New Jersey?

Should you be found in violation of the law due to failure to provide registration, license, or insurance card, you will be subject to a fine of $150. If you are charged with violating this section and you exhibit the proper documentation to the judge at the municipal court, then the charges may be dismissed. Even then, you still have to take care of all the court costs.

Driving Without Registration Attorney NJ

Motor vehicle violations in New Jersey can be costly. If convicted, you will pay expensive surcharges to the Division of Motor Vehicles. It will be worse if you have accumulated points or have previously failed to pay surcharges; you risk having your license suspended. Despite all these, there is hope. Always get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible to ensure you retain your driving privileges.

If you are facing charges for failure to produce registration, license, or insurance, get in touch with a us at The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman for legal advice and representation for your case.

How much is a Driving without Registration Ticket in New Jersey