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Seat Belt Law in NJ

As recently as one year ago, driving without a seat belt in New Jersey was a minor traffic infraction that required a minimal fine and a ticket. However, following a New Jersey Supreme Court ruling passed on September 18, 2014, any motorist driving without a seat belt or not requiring minor passengers in their vehicle to wear their seat belts could be facing a criminal charge with the potential for imprisonment up to ten years.

New Jersey Seat belt Law

The new seat belt law was added to a previously existing statute that outlines that it is criminal to violate deliberately any law in the state of New Jersey whose spirit is to preserve public health and safety by engaging in reckless conduct that could result in injury to other parties.

This NJ Seat belt Law was passed following a case litigated in Sussex County where an 18-year-old driver and her one-year-old passenger were involved in an accident. The driver had lost control of the vehicle, striking a guardrail, and the passenger later died in the hospital. Neither individual was wearing a seat belt. The defendant’s attorney argued that current seat belt law did not allow for criminal prosecution for those found in violation. It was the unanimous decision of the Supreme Court that this law was intended for the protection of public health and safety.

NJ Driving without a Seatbelt

Defense Lawyer for Seat belt Ticket NJ

If you have had an accident or have been stopped by a law enforcement officer because either you or your passengers were not wearing a seat belt, it is imperative that you find experienced counsel to represent you because you may be liable for criminal prosecution. Contact The Law Offices of Benjamin Friedman if you or your passenger have been charged for not wearing a seat belt in New Jersey, and we will work tirelessly to fight these charges. We have experience litigating similar cases, and we can help you improve your chances for a favorable verdict. Call us to set up your free initial consultation and case evaluation. Our offices are conveniently located in Marlton, New Jersey.

New Jersey Seat Belt Law