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About Cape May County

Cape May County is New Jersey’s southernmost county. It was founded in 1685. According to the 2014 census, the county had a population of 95,344. In 2000, the county had a population of 102,326 and so it has experienced the largest decline in population across the state. This county attracts vacationers from the state of NJ plus neighboring states. In summer, the population of vacationers exceeds 800,000.

The county forms a greater portion of Ocean City, which is a major Metropolitan Statistical Area in NJ. It is also a part of the Philadelphia-Reading-Camden, PA-NJ-DE-MD Combined Statistical Area. The Cape May Court House is the county seat. It was named for a Dutch captain (Cornelius Jacobsen Mey) who explored and chartered this region between 1611 and 1614.

In Cape May County, tourism generates up to $5.3 billion in annual revenue. Therefore, tourism is the county’s greatest industry. On the other hand, hospitality and leisure are the most significant providers of employment. The county also boasts a commercial fishing industry which saw the county rank in fifth position nationally.

A five-member Board of Chosen Freeholders governs Cape May County. The members are elected by different parties to serve for three years on a staggered basis. One or two seats then form part of the general election in November. In January, there is an annual reorganization meeting in which the board selects the Deputy Director and Director from among its members.

While New Jersey is a blue state, Cape May is regarded as a red county. In October 2014, there were 67,972 voters in Cape May and out of this number, 39 percent (26,525) were Republicans. The Democrats formed 19.9 percent (13,534). 27,850 (41 percent) were registered as Unaffiliated. In 2010, 69.9 percent registered to vote and among these, 81.1 percent were at least 18 years old.

Attorneys Cape May County NJ

Cape May County Wrongful Termination Attorney

Most employees think that since they are ‘at will’ workers, they can do nothing in case their employment is terminated. While this may be applicable in some instances, there are exceptions to this ‘at will’ doctrine. The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman will evaluate your case to establish the real reason for your wrongful termination in Cape May County. Should we establish that you were fired based on religion, race, marital status, genetic information, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or any other distinguishing trait which is a violation of the law, you may qualify for compensation since New Jersey law protects you.

Wage Recovery Legal Services Cape May

According to the federal and state law, employees should be compensated for hours they worked. In addition, some employees that work for more than the required 40 hours a week may be due extra compensation. Violating these regulations has far-reaching implications. In Cape May County, we receive frequent reports of employers who do not compensate their employees for the hours worked. Contact us for wage recovery legal services in New Jersey.

Attorney in Cape May NJ

The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman helps victims of such violations as wrongful termination and discrimination in Cape May County to recover their compensation. We have been handling similar cases for decades and have the legal knowledge to assist you. Contact us today to receive a just and legal representation that will see you compensated.

Cape May County Wrongful Termination Attorney