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About Camden County NJ

Camden County came into existence in 1844 and was named after Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden, who was a British civil libertarian and judge who zealously defended the American cause. Formed from the Gloucester County, the county has a population of 513,657 as of 2010, ranking 8th as the most populous county in New Jersey. Camden, the county’s seat, is the most populous with 77,344 citizens. Camden County’s population consists of African Americans, Caucasians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, Latinos, Hispanics, and Asians. The ancestry is diverse and ranges from German to English to Irish and Italian, among others.

Covering an area of 227.293 square miles, Camden County boasts an impressive geographical area that is mostly covered in land and partly water. Winslow Township is the largest municipality in the area, which amounts to 58.19 square miles.

Economically, many residents in the county are working class with some townships boasting upper incomes. The median household income is $48,097. Males earn a little higher than females. The job growth is predicted to grow to 26.4% in the next ten years.

Camden County adopts a government that consists of the county executive and a board of Freeholders consisting of seven members who are elected by the residents. These members hold the office for a three-year term, after which partisan elections are conducted with elections being held yearly to fill seats as they fall vacant.

Like most counties, the law in Camden County is firmly in the hands of sheriffs, police, and the prosecutor’s office. The court system is also cliché as it is made of municipal courts found in every city, township, and borough in NJ for handling minor cases. Civil and criminal cases that are more serious are dealt with by the New Jersey Superior Court at the county level.

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Traffic Violations in Camden County NJ

Traffic violations in Camden County are common and range from speeding to driving while intoxicated to license issues with the state of the motor vehicle involved in the violation. The seriousness of the offense is determined by the circumstances surrounding the arrest, with the penalty ranging from jail term to light or heavy fines. Since these Camden County traffic violations are common, law enforcement is usually keen on them, thus getting a ticket is easy if found in the wrong.

Although many people opt to pay the tickets and be done with the matter, others find it not so clear cut. Complications can arise from the circumstances surrounding the arrest or issuing of the ticket, with questions arising concerning the evidence presented. Traffic violation attorneys in Camden are always available to tackle the doubts and prove one’s innocence in the event one is accused wrongly.

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NJ Employment Law

The laws surrounding employment in Camden County are clear and geared towards protecting employees from being exploited and misused. As such, some laws govern the hiring process including the interview process that should not discriminate or infringe on the citizen’s rights. A healthy working environment is also important and is part of the law, meaning that it should be safe and free of hostility.

Employees should also not be forced to sign agreements that are oppressive in any way while there should never be any retaliation or wrongful termination in the workplace. If these laws are broken by the employer, it is your right as an employee to seek legal counsel with a New Jersey employment lawyer in the county to help you right the wrongs as per the law.

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The Law Office of Benjamin Friedman has been serving the county of Camden in New Jersey for decades now. Our vast experience in legal matters that commonly affect the residents of this county places us in a better position to get you swift and just retribution in the event you require a New Jersey attorney. Feel free to consult with us before your court date no matter how small the issue seems to be, as some legal matters could leave a mark on your record that can change your life.

Traffic Violations in Camden County NJ