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Attorneys Burlington County NJ

Burlington County, the largest county in New Jersey, came into existence in 1694 after its first court was formed. Burlington County got its name from Bridlington, which is a town in England. The county is located in the Delaware Valley in the eastern part of the Delaware River.

Ranked number 11 as the most populous county in the state, Burlington has a record of 448,734 residents according to the 2010 census. Mount Holly is its county seat; it has a population of 9,536, a far cry from the more populous Evesham Township, which has 45,538 citizens. This population is a mixture of all races with Caucasian Americans taking up the largest chunk at 331,342.

This mostly coastal county boasts a total area of 819.84 square miles covered by land and water with Washington Township covering 102.71 square miles, thus taking the largest municipality.

The economy of Burlington County is not suffering, as the Bureau of Economic Analysis ranked it at number 158 among the counties with the highest per capita income out of the 3,113 in the United States. As of 2009, the county stands at position 11 out of 21 in the state. The median household income is between $58,608 and $67,481 with males earning more than females.

The government consists of five members that seat the board of chosen freeholders who are elected by voters. They oversee the policy making and administrative aspect of the county, with each being responsible for a particular area of service.

Attorneys Burlington County NJ

Burlington County Municipal Courts

Minor offenders of the law are taken to Burlington County municipal courts that are scattered around the county under the supervision of law enforcement officers and the prosecutor’s office. These municipal courts are responsible for setting fines and issuing jail terms to people found in violation of laws at the municipal level. In NJ, their jurisdiction is only limited to offenses committed within their borders. Such offenses include traffic and civil violations, municipal ordinances, misdemeanor cases and other petty offenses. Traffic offenses that include speeding, using a cell phone while driving, driving while under the influence and so forth are especially common in the county.

People who find themselves in these courts in the county of Burlington have the option of towing the line, depending on the punishment dished out by the court, or seeking further legal guidance. This depends on one’s case and in the event they decide to take it further, they might need the services of a lawyer from the county.

New Jersey Harassment Attorney

Harassment of any form is a petty disorder and persons accused of this crime face 30 days in jail or a fine of $500. People who file New Jersey harassment suits against others, be it in the workplace or otherwise, have a monumental task of proving their case. The same applies to people who have been accused of perpetrating this crime due to the broad aspect of the law surrounding the harassment suit.

Hiring a New Jersey harassment attorney is the best course of action in such cases because of the technicalities involved. Our law firm has worked on such cases for years on behalf of our clients with successful outcomes. If cases of this nature are not handled delicately, it can destroy one’s clean record which is why your legal representation has to be smart.

Burlington County Municipal Courts

Attorney Burlington County NJ

Benjamin Friedman has been practicing law in NJ for over 15 years, and within that time he has seen some laws repealed and others become enacted. He has been keeping up with the law to defend his clients diligently. As such, he has upheld the law for the benefit of his clients. Consulting with him for a case ensures that you get the best representation in the county, thereby giving you a better chance at redeeming yourself. Contact a professional New Jersey attorney today!